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The Church family Building Company


August 2023


A complete transformation. We took this backyard from an average pool area to a stunning retreat. A 30 foot by 16 foot poolside cabana equipped with beautiful complimentary dimmable lighting. Exposed rafters and ridge beam. Constructed of the highest quality materials; LVLs, 6 x 6 posts 2 x 8 PT rafters, built to last. More than 1,500 sq feet of elegant poolside pavers. 180+ feet of privacy vinyl fencing. 13 foot high cathedral ceilings. We couldn't be more proud of this project, for us, for the client, for the finished product.


May 2022

A pinnacle build. Constructed of 6 LVL beams for an open layout. A 14 ft high cathedral ceiling. Equipped with a graded transition for rain runoff, electricity and is completely waterproof.


March 2023

The premier renovation. This project is one of the highest caliber. With every parameter of this build more impressive than the last. An affordable project cost, a luxurious and stunning end result, and an amazing client relationship.



February, 2023

We have just completed 200 builds since 2018. 

December 2022

Built with the highest level of integrity. This addition was expertly constructed to last 100+ years. Featuring two large 5 foot bay windows, waterproof flooring, cathedral ceilings and anchored with 6 x 6 corner posts. 


April, 2023

Our team is made up of 6 skilled tradesmen and 4 skilled sub contractors from various applicable sectors.

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