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MARCH, 2023

The whole home renovation we completed in Boston was the storybook renovation every client wants. A transforming and stunning final product achieved through quality craftsmanship, planning and execution. The build and design intertwine elegantly and is highlighted throughout the residence. We built in multiple door frames to create bedrooms, installed all new matching doors and code locks on each, for short term rentals. The matte black on the subtle off white is complimented throughout the residence, matte black finishes in the bathroom and all door hardware. We introduced many new and unique design features to this home, custom trim work, a handmade house number plaque, as well as various new design queues located throughout. In the end, not only did we end up with a beautiful final product, a client that was overly impressed, but we also increased the homes value substantially in the short time it took to complete the renovation. 

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