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Kelley's Addition has been one of our most revered builds to date. An 11 x 13 cathedral roof addition built on an 8 inch concrete slab. This build is one to last for generations. 6 x 6 corner posts, 2- 12 inch ridge beams, 3/4 inch sheathing roof, house wrapped, ice & water shield, shingles, this project was built with no structural component spared. Inside is complimented with subtle architectural features, a beautiful design, waterproof flooring, PVC trim and a custom storage closet. The two 5+ foot bay windows allow for a lot of bright light and can be opened for the summer breeze in the warmer months. This project checked all the boxes, an exact match build to the rest of the home, exactly or more than the client envisioned, and finished on budget. One inspector said "this is one of the best built additions I've seen in a very long time." 

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